Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

When my oldest son was in preschool, we started this tradition.  Every year during Christmas Break, my kids get to invite a couple of friends over to make graham cracker gingerbread houses.  We have carried on this tradition for 10 years now and it is definitely one we all look forward to.  A muffin tray makes the perfect holder for the various small candies used to decorate these tiny edible houses.  Royal frosting is a must, as it hardens quickly and acts like glue to hold the sides of your houses together.  Stick pretzels can be used to create a log cabin or a fence.  It’s helpful to give each child a baggie full of frosting with one corner snipped off for cleaner lines.  Because this is a messy experience, I like to put a cheap plastic table cloth on my table for easy clean up.  It’s also important to buy heavy duty plastic or thick paper plates to build your houses on.  To secure the houses, it’s best to “glue” the base to the plate with some royal frosting.  I always invite parents to stay and hang out while the kids work on their house’s.  Not only does it make for good company, but there are extra hands to hold graham crackers in place and spread frosting for little ones who need the help.  I love to see how each child comes up with a completely different and unique design for their graham cracker gingerbread house.  I imagine that we will continue this tradition for years to come!IMG_1058IMG_1065IMG_1066IMG_1078