Nerf Wars Birthday Party

My kids all love to play with Nerf guns!  When my son was turning 7, all he wanted was a giant Dart Tag Nerf Gun.  This gave me the idea to plan a Nerf Wars Birthday Party for Micah and his friends.  I gathered several large cardboard boxes from some local appliance stores and got right to work.  I projected several Nerf logos and targets on the sides of the boxes and got the kids to help me paint them.  I also made a couple of felt targets to hang on the trees in our backyard so that the dart tag bullets would stick to them.  I made a simple pendant banner with the words “NERF WARS” also out of felt and hung it from some trees.  I told the kids to bring a nerf gun with them, but I also bought some cheap little guns at Target and a bunch of extra nerf bullets for the most epic Nerf War ever!

The day of the party, my husband staged the backyard with our homemade barriers and hideouts.  He also cut lookouts out of some of the extra boxes.   We threaded a line of balloons across the width of the yard for target practice and we were ready for the party to begin.  The kids came, they played for hours, and even some of the grown ups joined in.  Micah was not disappointed!  He got his beloved Dart Tag Nerf Gun and he got to battle with his best buddies in his very own backyard.  This party is one that he will fondly look back on for years to come.

IMG_4846IMG_4851IMG_4857IMG_4858IMG_4840IMG_4841IMG_4844IMG_4843IMG_4837If you are looking for more Nerf ideas click here for my latest tutorial on how to create really fun spinning targets to use for target practice with Nerf guns.


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