Thankful Tree

One of our Thanksgiving traditions is to create a thankful tree.  We have done this several ways throughout the years, but this has become my favorite way to display our gratitude in the month of November.  It is a great activity that encourages families to spend quality time together and to focus on the things we are grateful for.

Fall walks are full of beauty with the changing colors and leaves and twigs scattered throughout.  We are blessed to have gorgeous walking trails in our city.  This year we took our kids out to collect branches near the river.  We brought the branches home and placed them in a vase.  This year I just used a large mason jar. I cut out simple tags using my Cricut machine, punched a hole in the top, and threaded a loop of twine through each one. #CommissionsEarned

One evening, when we were all home together, we sat down in the living room and spent a few minutes writing the things that we are thankful for, then decorated our “tree.”   This activity can be done anytime in the month of November and can become part of your Fall decor, or it can be an activity that you do with extended family and friends on Thanksgiving day when many are gathered, as a part of your time together.


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