Kit Kat M&M Cake

For my son’s 12th birthday, I made this delicious kit kat and M&M cake.  It was so simple and turned out just as I hoped it would.  I baked the cake in two 8 inch round pans.  I  spread chocolate frosting in between the layers and all along the outside.  After the cake was fully frosted it was time to decorate.  I started with the center M&M and began to make circles around it, being careful to not place the same color of candy right next to another.  I kept making M&M circles until the entire surface of the cake was covered.  Then I broke the kit kats in half, so that each piece had two adjoining sticks.  I pressed the double kit kat pieces all around the outside of the cake using the frosting to keep them in place.   A 12 candle completed the look of this amazingly sweet and tasty cake.  My son was very pleased and I think his friends were too! #CommissionsEarnedIMG_7573

If you are looking for a versatile white cake stand that you can use for any occasion, this is a great one that is reasonably priced. #CommissionsEarned


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