Glow in the Dark TRON Birthday Cupcakes

My middle son, Micah, turned 16 this month and we had a blast celebrating him by creating the coolest Retro Video Game Room in our garage where he can hang out with his friends. Micah loves old school games and is a huge fan of the TRON movies. In fact, one of the first things we purchased for his game room was an awesome neon TRON sign. I also bought him a vintage style FLYNN’S ARCADE t-shirt from Amazon as one of his birthday gifts.

To make the cupcake toppers, I created a printable of the TRON disks and mounted them on circles of black poster board. I used a hot glue gun to secure lollipop sticks to the back of each topper. About an hour before the party, I cracked the blue glow sticks and made them into circles, then I secured them to the front of the TRON disks with hot glue as well. After frosting the cupcakes, I inserted a topper into the center of each one and they looked amazing. I made sure to wait until it got a bit darker to bring out the cupcakes, so that the glow of the toppers was in full effect. Micah loved them!!!

I wanted to display the cupcakes on something that looked like the “TRON grid” and I found a really inexpensive option. I used a black foam board and made a grid with blue painters tape…super simple, but it worked, and the glow sticks even gave the “grid” the illusion of being lit up, once it got dark. #CommissionsEarned

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Fall Leaf Cupcakes

FALL!!! It’s my favorite time of year!  Leaves are changing color and the weather is perfect!   If you are looking for a simple and elegant cupcake to celebrate Fall or to add to your Thanksgiving dessert menu, take a few minutes to watch my tutorial and learn how to make these delicious edible leaf cupcake toppers! You will need a package of chocolate Wilton’s candy melts, a squeeze bottle, gold cupcake holders, chocolate cake mix, and vanilla frosting. #CommissionsEarned


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Sundae Cupcakes

My oldest turned 14 this May.  Fourteen!  How is that even possible!?!  He has decided that he is now too old for themed birthday parties.  I told him that I was ok with not doing a theme this year as long as I could still make him some fun cupcakes.  We decided on Sundae Cupcakes and they were definitely a good choice for a party of teenage boys.  For these cupcakes I used Pillsbury Devil’s Food Cake mix, foil cupcake wrappers, vanilla buttercream frosting, Wilton’s light cocoa candy melts, Wilton’s rainbow jimmies sprinkles, and maraschino cherries with stems.  I have to say, these were one of the easiest cupcakes to decorate and I love how they turned out!  For a couple of tips on how to get the frosting and “hot fudge” just right, try using a large piping tip for the frosting and a squeeze bottle to drizzle the chocolate on top.  You will have to work fast with the candy melts so that you can get to all of the cupcakes before the melted chocolate hardens.  Be sure to add the sprinkles right after drizzling the layer of melted chocolate or they will not stick.  

I also was able to make a variation of these cupcakes for a bake sale at my daughter’s school and I found that cherry sours candies make amazing “cherries” with their vibrant red color.  Red cupcake liners are another nice touch. These delicious cupcakes were a huge hit and I will definitely be making them again in the near future.  #CommissionsEarned